Cleaning Companies

Customisable User Map

TimeCruncher's map functions allows you to view all of your users, such as cleaners and clients, at a glance. You can filter by role type or geographical area to make it easier for you to assign a job to a particular cleaner.

Cleaners Can Apply for Jobs

If you haven't decided which cleaner you'd like to assing to a job, you have the option to make it 'Available for Application'. This allows cleaners to apply for that job directly and even compete on the rate they will do it for. You can also send out notifications to all or only some of your cleaners asking them to apply.


If you provide locations on appointments, your cleaners can use our maps integration to get directions. Use your client's address or a custom location to let your cleaners know where to go.

Detailed Business Analysis

TimeCruncher keeps track of your monthly cashflow and breaks it down into income, revenue, expenses, tax and more. You can see information such as what type of job generates the highest revenue or the jobs each cleaner is doing. TimeCruncher also provides you with helpful graphs and visual data to let you see at a glance how well your business is doing.