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Scheduling & Timetabling

TimeCruncher makes scheduling easy. Appointments can be scheduled by both contractors and admins, and clients can log in to view their calendar.

Automated Invoices

TimeCruncher automatically does the accounting for you by generating invoices, leaving you time to get on with growing your business.

Powerful User Profiles

Record whatever information you wish for clients and contractors, and everyone can log in to view relevant information.

Automated Emails

Automated customisable emails can be used to send invoices, lesson reminders and more. Create marketing campaigns and analyse their success.

Business Analytics

Use business intelligence analytics to analyse performance of your business, including graphs with breakdowns of revenue.

Online Payments

With our integrated card and direct debit payment service, you can take payment quickly and easily, leaving you time to grow your business.

We do so much more than this, get in touch to learn how TimeCruncher can transform your business.

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