Driving Schools

Customisable Filter Options

Using the customised fields you created yourself or any other attribute given in a profile, you can filter all of your instructors to find the perfect one for each of your students.

Simple and Intuitive Calendar Function

You can view all of your company's lessons per day, week or month. Filter the calendar by instructor, student, status or location of a lesson. A simple colour code makes your schedule clearer and more structured. Using iCal integration, any user can synchronise the TimeCruncher calendar with their own one.

Lesson Reminders

You can customise lesson reminders regarding their target audience and the time you want to send them. For instance, you could set a reminder to go out to all students 24 hours before each lesson.

Instructors Log Their Own Lessons

TimeCruncher allows your instructors to log their own hours instead of requiring you to manage their schedules, giving you more time to focus on improving your business.

Monitor Students' progress

TimeCruncher gives you an overview of the development of your students' performance over time. You can filter the reports by date range, instructor or student. For instance, you could compare the performance of all students one instructor has in order to evaluate an instructor's teaching skills.